Victoria was recommended by another of our mother/mother-in-law’s caregivers. When Victoria began working with our 94 year young mother, it was like a weight was lifted.  My husband and I live on the west coast and keeping an eye on the day to day bills, mail, and paperwork was becoming increasingly difficult and a source of a lot of stress.  Multiple things were slipping through the cracks.  Victoria is an amazing partner in working with our mother, us, and her other caregivers. She is compassionate, patient, very proactive, a great communicator, and has great suggestions. Victoria’s services allow our mother to maintain a sense of independence, provides companionship, checks in on her wellbeing and needs, and makes sure we are informed.  It feels like a great partnership and Victoria is the glue. Victoria has gone above and beyond…so much more than just managing the day to day paperwork.  We would highly recommend her services.

Carolyn and Michael

My family was in a bit of a lurch when another my previous, good DMM’s husband passed away suddenly. It devasted her and unfortunately, she (the former DMM) was so emotionally distraught that there was no transition to Victoria. 


  • Victoria came referred by a very good Geriatric Care Management company I've worked with for almost 10 years
  • As stated previously, there was no real transition period and Victoria stepped in quickly and I loved her approach and subsequent work.
  • She asked a lot of questions - how things had been handled before and offered options. She didn’t make any assumptions and by doing so, I think we’ve avoided hiccups.
  • She treated my money like she would treat her own money - questioning things like specific line items on bills for services (e.g., MLB subscription when the Yes network carries Yankee games)
  • She’s definitely progressive and documents things well.  She uses text and email intelligently – text for quick questions and answers and emails to document and thread topics.
  • I live in Ohio and of course, my father (homebound, with round the clock care for advanced dementia) lives in Northern NJ which simply means I am very reliant on her.
  • In summary, I am delighted with Victoria. Trustworthy, smart, lots of common sense and cares. 

TK (Ohio) 

We hired Victoria Schrager, Tender and Timely owner, when my parents began to have trouble keeping up with their daily money management. It was a huge step for us. My parents staunchly held on to their independence. Victoria patiently, but firmly, has worked with our family to ensure that there are no more unfortunate surprises in store re: unpaid bills, cancelled accounts. She has streamlined the accounts; been honest and compassionate; helpful and efficient in being a liaison between everyone involved; her communications are frequent, clear and timely; and she is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. This is a cliché, but we really don’t know how we would cope without her. Not only does she handle the week-to-week money management, she sustains a strong, caring relationship with some stubborn characters! We highly recommend Victoria Schrager and Tender and Timely. I am happy to answer questions or concerns.

JMB (Hackensack)

Victoria is the DMM for my 92 year old aunt.  As I live overseas, There is no way that I could manage without her.  I no longer have to worry that bills are going unpaid and that checks are being lost in the mail.  Victoria is a great communicator, smart, knowledgeable and efficient.  She even has repeatedly found ways for us to save money.  My mind is at ease knowing that Victoria is on the job, freeing me up to focus on my aunt's health and social well being.

BGL (Fort Lee, NJ) 

Working with Victoria Schrager has made my life so much easier. She’s a whiz with computers and has been there to respond to all my computer glitches, along with solid recommendations for simplifications. Whether it’s doing banking business or responding to problems with bills, Victoria takes initiative and handles everything in an efficient, business-like manner.

FWP (Fort Lee)

I engaged Victoria to handle my bills over the past year and have found her accurate, engaging, and alert to my needs. She always has good ideas on how to better manage my bill paying and financial life.  I haven't had a late fee since she started helping me.

Ybr (Fair Lawn)

I hired Victoria Schrager after my mother passed away to help pay her medical bills and manage her estate. She went above and beyond what she had to do, making sure I was paid everything I was owed, and finding out I was owed more than I thought. I am thankful I hired her as my DMM and readily recommend her to anyone in need of DMM services

Daniel W 

Victoria handles the day-to-day bill paying and banking for my 95 yr old great aunt. Given that I am in CT and my aunt is in NJ it is a great help and service to have someone who is competent and reliable as Victoria to handle this task.


Let me tell you about Victoria.  She is just the most wonderful person. Victoria is highly competent. She finds out how to do something by following a small lead to its conclusion, she never gives up.  I learn from her every day we meet. I am becoming more skilled on the computer thanks to Victoria. Her efforts have saved me quite a bit of money. I am so blessed to have found her.



Since she started assisting my mother with financial matters and helping with paperwork and bills, Victoria Schrager of Tender and Timely Daily Money Management has been an immense help to my mother and me. Victoria has the knowledge and patience to deal with government, financial, and medical bureaucracies, and her perseverance has paid off – she has tracked down dormant accounts, streamlined payments owed to my mother, and made sure bills are paid on time, avoiding hassles and late fees.

The organized systems Victoria has instituted have relieved stress for my mother, who no longer has to try to manage paperwork, correspondence, and bills on her own. Still, Victoria strikes a balance, allowing my mother to remain involved and to maintain the level of independence she desires.

Since I live out of the area, knowing that Victoria is monitoring accounts and taking care of these things for my mother has reduced stress for me as well. Victoria keeps me well informed of what’s going on, from routine matters to unique situations. She scrutinizes accounts to be sure charges are fair, and is on the lookout for scams.

Beyond keeping tabs on financial matters, Victoria takes a genuine interest in my mother and her well-being. The conversations they share at their appointments have become a satisfying social interaction for my mother.

In addition, Victoria has always been willing to help with random needs and errands outside the scope of her standard services.

I would heartily recommend Tender and Timely Daily Money Management to anyone looking for help for themselves or a family member.

M.S. Washington

Victoria was a tremendous help to my wife's aunt when she was no longer able to handle her financial affairs, and now is a tremendous help to my 94 year-old dad who has the same issue. My dad worries a lot about making sure his bills are paid and taxes are filed, but doesn't have the memory to do that himself anymore. He said today that it is very comforting to go over things side by side with Victoria as she organizes tax-filing papers and bills. On top of keeping track of bills, incoming checks, and tax documents, Victoria found ways to reduce unnecessary expenses, such as car insurance (since my dad doesn't drive any more.) She works closely with my dad's tax accountant and investment advisor, and has been an invaluable help in simplifying my father's financial affairs by consolidating a bewildering variety of accounts so that we can keep aneye on his finances more easily.

SR, Closter, NJ