Keeping the daily finances running smoothly; saving you money and worry

December 2023: I just did a presentation for the JCC of Northern NJ Active Seniors group and here's what they said about it:

What is a DMM? This article from AARP illustrates our services. Click here.

Customized Services

Each client's financial life is unique which requires flexibility and creativity for effective management. I adapt to my clients' needs and styles so they are comfortable.

Trusted Professional

My analytical background and systems experience enables efficient and thoughtful management; my clients recognize the value of using my services.

What is AADMM?

The American Association of Daily Money Management is the national organization that undergirds the profession of Daily Money Management.

How did I get started?

After a satisfying corporate career, the idea of having my own company was a no-brainer for me. I knew I had landed when I found out that what I wanted to do was already this profession called, "Daily Money Management". 

Saving clients from late fees, interest payments, tax penalties, erroneous medical bills, and general anxiety feels really gratifying.


The company name was chosen to illustrate my approach to the personalized nature of this business, along with the commitment to accuracy and timeliness.


I look forward to sitting with you at your table!